Wine cellar management software Excel

Wine cellar management software – Excel template


Wine cellar management software: take advantage of this free Excel template to track and manage your stock of wine bottles. Download this very simple app below with one simple click!

Whether you are an individual or a professional, wine lover, winegrower, winemaker, wineseller, sommelier or managing director of a restaurant, you may be looking for a wine cellar management software or app. Good news, we have the perfect solution for you, and this tool is totally free!

This free wine cellar management software is an Excel template that will allow you to monitor your cellar and manage your wine stocks. This application will allow you to list and check out your bottle references.

This simple wine cellar software operates on the basis of a table you will have to fill in: this will be your wine bottles database. You will also be able to visualize useful statistics about your wine stock. Last but not least, you will be able to edit and print wine cellar data sheets for each reference.

In addition, this amazing wine cellar management software will allow you to:

  • monitor the peak of your wines, i.e. the ideal period of consumption,
  • rate your bottles (rating out of 20),
  • calculate the value of your stock based on the price of your different wine bottles,
  • view alerts in case of low stock on a reference,
  • consult the contact details of the producer or wholesaler for each wine reference.

It is therefore a complete and intuitive software that we offer, which will allow you to manage your cellar as well as possible!

Download now this free Excel wine cellar management software.

Wine cellar management software: download the Excel template now!

Click on the link below to download your free Excel wine cellar management software. We won’t ask you your email and there’s no sign up required.

Here is an image of the software content :

Wine cellar management software Excel free

Wine cellar management software: how does it work?

This app consists of three linked spreadsheets. 

To avoid any issue when using this software, do not insert any row and do not try to modify any formula unless you perfectly master Microsoft Excel.

The first spreadsheet is an essential sheet: this is the database in which you will have to enter all your wine bottle references:

  • a unique reference number is assigned to each reference: you can see it in the first column of the table – non-editable,
  • enter the name of the wine: winery, domaine, chateau and year,
  • enter the appellation – this is the region where the wine was produced – and specify any appellation type,
  • specify the area and country of origin,
  • enter a wine style, e.g. white, red, etc,
  • describe the grape varietals used to produce the wine,
  • indicate any award or distinction,
  • specify the vintage. The year of the wine can also be indicated along with the name of the wine,
  • indicate the peak of the wine. If the peak corresponds to the current year, the box will appear in green, reminding that it’s time to drink it,
  • specify the type of wine, e.g. still,
  • rate the wine out of 10,
  • specify the purchase price and the current price of the bottle,
  • enter any review, remark or tasting advice,
  • in the stocks section, indicate the location of the bottles in the wine cellar and the number of bottles of each reference. The software will automatically calculate the total value of your wine stock. You will also have to define a threshold of low stock alert,
  • a “low stock” alert will automatically appear in red if the number of bottles is lower than the alert you have set up,
  • we advise you to regularly update the table data,
  • finally, you should enter the names and contact details of the wine producers and suppliers.

The second spreadsheet of this wine cellar management software presents automatic statistics. It is a non-editable sheet that shows :

  • the number of references in stock,
  • the number of bottles in stock,
  • the average age of wine,
  • the total value in stock,
  • a list of bottle on low stock alert – useful for reordering.

Finally, the third spreadsheet is a wine cellar data sheet: select a reference number and the sheet will update automatically. All the information on the wine reference concerned then appears: these are feedbacks you have previously entered into the database. 

You can visualize and print it. If you wish to modify any data, you will have to do it directly in the database, and not on this sheet.

Image of the wine cellar data sheet:

Wine cellar data sheet Excel

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